[Event Regulations]




1. Event details and conditions for participation

- For more information about event content and conditions for participation, please check the event notice on our official community.

- Details of each event may be changed or discontinued due to the company/organizer’s internal circumstances. Information about any change in the event will be posted on the event notice.


2. Conditions for Event winner draw

- Participants must be at least (whichever is higher): (i) 18 years old, or (ii) the age of majority in the countries where the game is launched.

- Delivery of the prize is provided in all countries where the game is launched, however, the prize-in-kind provides only in Canada and the US.

- If the winner won using an illegal method, the winning can be canceled.

- Duplicated winning is unacceptable. The duplicated winning can be canceled except for the case that the event notice allows duplicate winning.


3. Prizes/Awards and delivery information

- Winner announcement and event prize delivery schedule will be announced through the event result notice on the official community or notified to the winner via Direct Message or e-mail.

- If the winner does not respond until the notified due date, it is considered giving up the prize.

- Event prize delivery schedule may vary to the prize type and shipping destination.

- The event prize is non-transferable and the winner cannot ask for real money(Cash) or other products of the same value.

- If some country or area has a problem with shipping, the event prize may be changed to other items of equal value.

- Please provide a correct shipping address and contact information in order to receive event rewards. If the shipping address is incorrect, the prize delivery may be restricted.

- The company/organizer shall not be involved in any loss incurred from participating in the event, the use of the prize goods and shipment.

- Participation in the events, picking the winners and shipment shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations of each country and may require additional information.


4. Protection of personal information

- The company/organizer shall ask to collect the winner's personal information as the winner’s name, and contact info for the purpose of event prize delivery.

- If necessary, the company/organizer shall contact the winner via e-mail or message in the official community.

- The collected personal information is sorely used for delivering the event prize, and it will be destroyed after the goods are properly delivered to the recipient.

- The winner can refuse to provide personal information. In this case, it is considered as giving up the event prize.