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Tower of God M:Great Journey

Mobile RPG based on
the Tower of God webcomic

Mobile Game

2D action RPG based on the webtoon

of over 4.5 billion global views, Tower of God.

An exquisite retelling of the original story and emotions

with high-quality artworks and animations.

The game is being developed with Ngelgames'

exceptional knowhow and developing

a high-quality RPG based on webcomic IPs.

Project Arena

A massive adventure beyond imagination.

Mobile Game, PC Game

This fresh and surprising fantasy adventure

will be beyond the imagination.

The project with Unreal Engine 4

for aiming for a top-class adventure game.

Lord of Dice

A board RPG never attempted in the market before

Mobile Game

Your decision is the ultimate strategy!

Battle dicers on the board in a thrilling card battle.

Hero Cantare

Webtoon superhero RPG

Mobile Game

Popular Naver Webtoons unite!

'ToG,' 'GoH,' and 'HCLW' heroes come together

in this massive mobile game.

Project RTD

Random Tower Defense battle

PC Game, VR Game

Offers a new dynamic PvP strategic skills

and thrill of randomness

in a Random Tower Defense battle environment.

Red Shoes: Wood Bear World

3D Rogue-like Action Game

Mobile Game

A globally released movie, Red Shoes

and the Seven Dwarfs returns as a mobile game.

Casual action rogue-like game to defeat boss monsters with

only one life. The game provides players with solo and

co-op modes so it can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Project S

Action RPG with a strong fan appeal

Mobile Game, PC Game

A new type of Action Tactic game.

The game implemented a player's legion

control in the dungeon.

The greatest tactic battle with an anime style's

AAA grade artwork with action animation.

Project W

Comforting bicycle racing game.

Mobile Game

Based on Wind Breaker, a popular Naver Webtoon IP.

The vivid emotions and stories of bicycle racers

in the original's street riding

battle are recreated faithfully.

Casual gameplay is infused with the joy of riding.